Ben Dixon aka Able Fader

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, DJ, Producer and Artist.

able_byRudyCreating things is what keeps me happy. I love the feeling I get when I listen to a beat that I just made, or look over a brand-new website that I just built. I also love the excitement I feel when I embark on a new project or step on stage at a show. Creation is my fuel, it keeps me going through thick and thin. By day I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Web Developer. By night I am a veteran Hip Hop DJ.

I began my career in Graphic/Web Design in 2005 when I joined my former partner at RedFyve in Seattle. I became sole proprietor in 2011.

I have been a Hip Hop DJ or turntablist since 1994 and a producer almost as long. I am currently resident DJ at the monthly; THE JAM at Vermillion on second Friday’s as well as HOME SLICE at The Crocodile. I am a recording artist as well. You can find a selection of my recent recordings here.


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